About Us

About Us


I think it is our responsibility to revive certain dying crafts, especially the ones which are labour intensive like the Zardozi and fabrics like the Jamdani. Its a real challenge in today’s world of fast fashion but thankfully there’s still a huge market for it if properly marketed.

Another aspect that I strongly advocate for is that the artisans get fair wages for their craft. Thankfully there is a greater recognition of the worth of hand produced ensembles these days and artisans can expect to get their due. I’ve also noticed a significant shift in the local bridal market where more & more brides are opting to go for a luxury brand based in Bangladesh. where they get the best quality, option to customize their outfits along with access to the designer.. rather than just buying readymade stuff from a shop outside the country! I’m delighted with this new mind set & I think this should definitely be vigorously encouraged!


Our family traces our roots to the Dhaka nawab family. It was my Nani who started this organization as a charity. She wanted to create employment for artisans who no longer enjoyed any patronage from erstwhile nawabs & zamidars. She further trained these artisans and gave them better designs & color palettes to work with. When old age prevented her from being as active as she used to be I stepped in and took over the business. We reinvented many designs & started a new line of formal wear with modern cuts & drapes. That’s how Sarah Karim Couture was launched. A few years later we started our bridal line.
I think our greatest strength is the ability to blend antique designs with modern cuts & styles. Also the artisans working for the brand have decades of experience & specialize in embroidery techniques that date back to the Mughal Era of Bengal. Such timeless artistry juxtaposed with fusion cuts and designs is the hallmark of a signature sarah karim ensemble!


Down the years we’ve done many fashion shows, both at home & abroad with some of the most famous showstoppers. Our clothes have been worn by well known personalities even in countries like India which have so many celebrity designers. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at some very prestigious platforms with regards to the revival of antique handicrafts, self reliance of artisans & issues of women empowerment. I am also on the board of an NGO called Thrive which provide free meals to more than 3000 underprivileged school kids everyday.
On the expansion front, we’ve had some very concrete offers to open stores in Delhi, London, Toronto etc and it’s something I’m looking at seriously. We already do international shipping to more than 25 countries around the globe & adding more countries everyday!
So it’s been a happy journey so far, but as they say “..miles to go before I sleep… “